March 22, 2017

I have always adored soft and fluffy sweaters, especially in winter! But I have struggled to find a soft sweater that is fitted. They are always too baggy or hairy, which make me look like a sheep. I found this fabric at Stoff & Stil and decided to make a fitted sweater.


  1. With right sides together sew along the shoulder seam
  2. Measure around the neckline to cut out a neck rib, mine was 65x4 cm
  3. Clip or pin the rib to the neckline of the bodice, right sides together and sew along the edge
  4. Fold the over the rib to the inside of the neckline and sew a stitch around the neckline from the right side
  5. Sew the sleeves in flat
  6. Sew the sleeve side seams
  7. Sew the bodice side seams
  8. Hem the bottom of the bodice using a zigzag stitch
  9. Hem the sleeve using a zigzag stitch (you can add cuffs if desired)







2 hours


Stoff & Stil 22049


1 meter of fluffy knit fabric

  • 1 front piece
  • 1 back piece
  • 2 sleeves
  • 1 neck rib



I loooooove my sweater and I am very pleased with the result. My friends and family were especially pleased with the neckline and gave me lots of positive comments. Considering this was my first attempt on the pattern it was quite easy to finish the Vera sweater within two hours. Sewing with knit fabrics is absolutely amazing! Well, that is what I think. I have read other sewing blogs and have noticed that some people fear sewing with knits. I always find myself buying thicker knit fabrics rather than thin ones. Maybe I am subconsciously more prone to buying thicker fabrics to shield myself from the freezing Norwegian winter.


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